Custom Backdrops

If you can’t find what you are looking for, in our online collection of rental backdrops, we can make you a custom painted backdrop to fit your needs. You have the option to choose, from our online collection, a backdrop you wish to be copied or email us a sample image of what you want painted.

Sizes range from the smaller 6’x9’ all the way up to 20’x40’ (seamless). We offer scenic backdrops (hill sides, skies, city skyline) and textured backdrops. We paint our backdrops at our LA location or we can paint your backdrops or flats on location. Custom painted backdrop quotes are specific to each client’s needs. The price is determined by the size of the backing, as well as its subject matter,from the simplest plain single color to a city street. please, give us a phone call, email, or schedule a meeting to begin the quote process.

Los Angeles Studio

Gary Lloyd, Los Angeles