Q: What is Backdrop Care & Handling?
A: Backdrop Care & Handling is a set of guidelines to ensure that our backdrops are handled with care and are kept in good condition.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are your backdrop rental rates?

A: Our backdrop rental rates vary depending on the size and type of backdrop, averaging from $330 to $495 per day. Additional fees may apply for delivery, installation, and damages. Pick-ups and returns must fall within the rental period, which allows for a pick-up the evening before your shoot date and a return the following day before noon. Late returns will result in additional fees. Please refer to our pricing sheet for more information.

Q: What makes our backdrops priced higher compared to other similar products?

A: Painted backdrops and digitally printed backdrops are expensive to produce and repair because they require a lot of time, skill, and materials to create. Our backdrops are hand-painted by talented artists, and we use high-quality materials to ensure that our backdrops look beautiful and last a long time.

Q: How should I unpack the backdrop?

A: When unpacking the backdrop, make sure the area where the backdrop will be unrolled or unfolded is clean and free of dirt, water, debris, paint, etc. We recommend laying out a drop cloth or plastic on the floor before unpacking the backdrop.

Q: How should I hang the backdrop?

A: We recommend using at least 2 people to hang a backdrop that is up to 20’ wide. Use more than 2 people if the backdrop is wider than 20’. Backdrops should be hung with clamps, and the clamps should be tipped with rubber or a clean piece of wood to protect the surface. For backdrops with grommets, use string or zip-ties to attach the backdrop onto a pipe for hanging.

Q: How can I reduce fold marks or creases on the backdrop?

A: If the backdrop is folded or has creases, hang the backdrop and allow time for the lines to relax naturally. If the folds remain visible, lightly mist the ENTIRE backside of the backdrop with water. Make sure to cover the entire surface as evenly as possible or the backdrop will dry and shrink irregularly.

Q: Can I clean the backdrop myself?

A: No, please do not attempt to do any cleaning or repairs on any of our backdrops. To report damage on our backdrops, send photos of the damage with the catalog number to backdrops@schmidli.com.

Q: Can I make alterations to the backdrop?

A: No, alterations to our backdrops are absolutely forbidden. If an alteration is made, the client is responsible for the full replacement fee or repair fees to return the backdrop to its original condition.

Q: How should I repack the backdrop?

A: Gently lower the backdrop onto a clean floor before rolling it back up again. Remove debris such as tape, dirt, and staples before rolling the backdrop. The backdrop must be rolled the image side up with the original cardboard inner core. All backdrops are rolled on the shorter side, tape one shorter side on the tube and roll the backdrop as straight and as tight as possible. Tape the other shorter side of the backdrop to secure it and place it in the original bag.

Q: What are some basic guidelines for handling backdrops?

A: We recommend wearing clean shoes or shoe covers when walking on all backdrops. Do not drag the backdrop over dirty surfaces, and do not stretch the backdrops over flats without the consent of Schmidli Backdrops. Always hang the backdrop across an appropriately sized bar or frame and avoid folding or creasing the backdrop to make it fit into a smaller area. If you need to fold the backdrop, always use a minimum of 2 people, and do not fold the backdrop on the lines that it was previously folded on. Finally, never put tape onto the image side of the backdrop as it can damage the surface.