Studio Rental Los Angeles

Schmidli Backdrops is a private creative space suitable for artists and photographers, for small productions, commercial and photo shoots. As it is Marco Schmidli’s personal studio, the space inspires authenticity with original art displayed throughout the building.

Main Studio

The creative space is flooded by natural light and is suitable for backdrops 40 feet in width. For full studio rentals, this room is ideally used as the main stage leaving all other rooms for the crew to inhabit and utilize.

Outdoor Tent

This versatile space is fully private and covered with open access into the interior of the building. This area is ideal for rigging multiple backdrops and is easily accessible for loading equipment. If used for parking, it can hold up to 4 full-size vehicles. Clients have stairway access to the 2nd Floor Studio and Loft as well as the main studio.

2nd Floor Studio / Loft

There are two restrooms (one downstairs, one upstairs) and a second floor with a kitchen and lounge space looking down on the main studio. The rental fee includes utilities, telephones, wireless access, backdrop assistance, and access to photography equipment that is included in the full-day rental fee.

Pricing: Inquire within the studio

Phone:  323.938.2098